« I have worked with a few great Mastering Engineers, mainly keeping one for over 20 years. Times change, as the digital age has developed I needed someone new who excelled in both, the old and the new, I am not a fan of slam mixing, taking all the air out, my music needs breath, with Charles Michaud (Preference Mastering) he gives me the hit of a heavy weight boxer and allows the landscape to breath, most importantly I love his mastering months after, a true sign i have found the right man for Juno Reactor. » Ben Watkins – Juno Reactor


« After spending days sometimes weeks working in the studio putting my whole passion into my projects, I need someone I can trust to put my pride and joy to the final mastering stage. It took me a long time finding the perfect guy to master my tracks; now I’ve eventually found someone I can trust and who has taken time to understand where I am coming from. Charles Michaud from Préférence Mastering has the magic touch and honest ears polishing my productions to the highest standards. I would never trust anyone else for this process. The results can be heard on my work. » John 00 Fleming – UK


« We played it on a gig on the weekend and it sounded all good. Still warm, round and fresh enough. » Arne Schaffhausen – Extrawelt


« Every master I get back from Preference makes me smile. Charles always manages to find that crucial balance between volume and dynamics. He makes the tracks shine exactly as I intended, never obscuring my mix detail through heavy-handedness. Communication is easy and welcomed from Charles and is always open to any suggestions. He’s my « go to » whenever I need a solid but natural-sounding master. » Jamie Stevens – Infusion


« If you need your end product to sound fat then look no further, Charles is you man. » Kasey Taylor – Vapour – Australia


« When it comes to mastering and I know Charles is handling it, it’s one very important thing I don’t have to worry about anymore » Dousk – Bedrock / Klik / Vapour – Greece


« Preference Mastering is now for me (Transient Records) second to none in the Trance scene. With the years of experience in and around music production, the quality is undeniable. Having a Bachelor of Arts in Audio Technology I understand the importance of knowing the how to squeeze every inch of fatness from the frequency spectrum. With Preference Mastering I know this will definitely happen. » Greg Coyle – Label Owner – Transient and Automatic Records – London


« The clarity and range of frequencies associated with a very high levels of dynamics makes Préférence Mastering’s work a true experience on big sound system. The music is really alive and express all its power with large sound system and truely let the dancefloor « vibrate » at the music. Each mastering is a true added value to the music : on the behalf of all Nabi’s artists, we really want to express our appreciations for such a high quality job » Emmanuel – Label Owner – Nabi Records – Paris


« They always do a killer job on masterings either for cds or 12″s, until today im quite pleased with their work. » Dj Pena – Flow records – Portugal


« Professional approach and perfect result – that´s what we always get while having our releases mastered by Charles. Big thanks and thumbs up! » DJ Slater – Tribal Vision Records – Czech Republic

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