We cater for a wide range of audio mastering solutions across a wide range of formats, including CD, digital and vinyl.


If you would prefer, we can also master using the Stem (multitrack) mastering technique, usually consisting of a song split into 4-10 stereo groups. It helps to enhance your mix prior the mastering process and can really improve the final sonic result.


We also provide PMCD (Red Book certified with PQ, ISRC, UPC/EAN, CD text…) and/or export DDP for easy pressing of CDs.


We aim to offer a professional yet personal mastering solution and as such, like to establish a dialogue with our clients and discuss with them the latest ideas emerging in mastering studios – especially regarding ways of dealing with levels and compression formats. It is very important for us to work as a team with the artist and producer in order to get the sound YOU want.


We have an established and extensive record with a wide range of partners across various musical styles, particularly electronic music where we are the studio of choice for many of the world’s top labels and mastered many tracks that have topped the Beatport charts.

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