Vertigo VSC-2 Studio 2 Knif Pure Mu Studio Knif Soma TKaudio BC2-ME Preference Mastering Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 analog EQ NOS tubes Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Master valve compressor

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"I have worked with a few great Mastering Engineers, mainly keeping one for over 20 years. Times change, as the digital age has developed I needed someone new who excelled in both, the old and the new, I am not a fan of slam mixing, taking all the air out, my music needs breath, with Charles Michaud (Preference Mastering) he gives me the hit of a heavy weight boxer and allows the landscape to breath, most importantly I love his mastering months after, a true sign i have found the right man for Juno Reactor." Ben Watkins - Juno Reactor



Gear used by Préférence Mastering : – Dedicated custom monitoring combined with linear phase filtering processor – PMC loudspeakers – Knif Audio SOMA passive EQ with tube make-up amplification – Knif Audio PURE MU tube compressor – Great River EQ-2NV Inductor based EQ – Sonic Farm Creamliner Class A pentode line preamplifier – Prism Sound Maselec MEA-2 analog EQ – TK Audio BC2-ME VCA mastering compressor – Tfpro P38 « Edward » compressor – Thermionic Culture The Phoenix Master valve compressor – Crane Song HEDD 192 AD/DA convertors & digital signal processor – TC Electronic System 6000 digital algorithms – Refined Audiometrics EQ – Cockos Reaper – Various softwares & plugs – RME interface – Plextor CD/DVD burner – Taiyo Yuden media